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Responder LE Simon Demo and Song Game
Did you Know the Responder LE Remote has the "Simon" Demo Game and Songs?

Here's how to play the Demo and Songs:

1) Press and hold Function button until the orange LED light comes on at the top (approximately 10 seconds).

2) Press and hold the AUX button.

3) The LED and buzzer will show 4 flashes/beeps.

4) You are now into the demo mode selection menu

Demo Mode Press the following Buttons:

Lock - single LED play with song
Unlock - single LED play without song
Remote Start - endless LED play with song (need to remove batteries to stop it)
AUX - endless LED play without song (need to remove batteries to stop it)
Lock + AUX = Interactive Demo Mode (the game)

Interactive Demo Mode:

Get into demo mode selection menu, then press both Lock and AUX at the same time to activate the game.
Press the Function button to exit the game.

While the game is being played, if no buttons are pushed after 12 seconds, the game will end by itself and
will rebuild a sequence, then the game will restart. Only the Function button can stop the game.

It takes 30 steps to win the game. It plays a mix of songs/beeps and LED fuzz once the game is won,
and will restart a new game after.


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