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Click Here for Larger Image
Click Here for Larger Image

Viper 5906 HD Color SST 2 Way
Alarm / Remote Start System
Now in Stock!

Retails for $799.99



Replacement Part Number: 5906V

Product Details Stock #: V5906

Viper 5906 HD Color SST 2 Way Car
Alarm With Remote Start System

Viper 5906 Responder HD SST Features:
*One 5-Button 2-way Color SST Remote
*One 5-Button 1-way LE SST Remote
*SuperCode SST Receiver Technology
*Channels (Per Car) 24 (x2 Cars)
*Side "Function" Button (Shift)
*USB Rechargeable Cable Included
*Parking Light Flash with Flexible relay
*Antenna with Integrated LED/Valet Switch
*D2D Port for XK Interface Modules
*Bitwriter™ Programmable (V2.9 + 998M)
*SilentMode2 Sirenless Modes
*Onboard XCR Remote Start Relays
*Flex Remote Start Relay Onboard
*Virtual Tach, Voltage and Direct Tach
*Defroster Output w/ Dedicated Channel
*Switch-controlled Turbo Timer
*Runtime Reset from Remote
*Timer Start Mode / Parking Meter Timer
*Smart Start (temp/timer/voltage)
*Auto Temp Display on HD Color Remote
*Cabin Temperature Request
*Classic Directed Features:
*Failsafe Starter Kill
*Car Finder/Remote Panic
*GPP Guaranteed Protection Plan
*Stinger DoubleGuard Shock Sensor
*Sensor Reporting back to the Remote
*Revenger Six-Tone Soft Chirp Siren
*Learn Routine
*Warn Away
*Nuisance Prevention Circuitry (NPC™)
*Progressive/Instant Door Trigger
*Aux Outputs 1-4 Channels
*Extreme 1 Mile FCC SST legal 2-way range
*Simple new universal icons on the Remotes
*Longer rechargeable battery life
*Real Status using Color Display – check the
  vehicle temperature and run time remaining
  using the Color Display on the remote.
*Soft Touch surfaces for comfortable tactile
*Remote Key Pad Lock
*Viper GPS Tracking System: ESP serial port

Viper 5906 now includes the new and
improved 2-Way Antenna with the Blue Status
LED and Valet Switch built in with a average
Range of 1 Mile!

*20% larger, higher-resolution OLED display
*SuperCode user interface with patented
  menu wheel. Side-mounted menu wheel
  replaces "f" (Function) key. Very simple to
  use, very easy to configure.
*Mini USB charger port charges with any
  USB charger.
*128 x 128 pixel Organic Light Emitting Diode
  (OLED) high contrast panel, with 262K and
  65K full colors, and a wide 160° viewing
  angle, employing an anti-glare polarizer for
  enhanced daylight visibility

Notice: All Viper Car Alarm Systems Require DEI Professional Installation for Warranty and Service!  Dr.Detail offers Onsite Professional Installation for all Viper Alarms, Remote Starters and Keyless Entry Systems in the greater Cincinnati area! Please Call for the
next Available Appointment.

*Price includes basic installation and may
  require additional parts and labor!
Xpresskit  Databus Integration
  Module or other parts needed are Extra!

Pre-Order Installation On
This 2-Way Alarm Here

See the Viper 5906HD in Action Here

Looking for an Extra 1 way or 2 Way
Remote for this System? Click Here

Want to install it yourself?  Then
check out the Avital 5303 Here
State-of-the-art Viper ESP Remote Start systems are PC/Bitwriter programmable, and offer consumers the following features:

ESP Owner Recognition: Your vehicle recognizes you and configures itself accordingly, with individualized settings for up to 4 separate drivers.
ESP Viper GPS Tracking System: Upgrades to complete telephone remote control of your vehicle by direct plug-in to ESP systems. Never lock your keys in the car again! Warm up your car before you get to baggage claim!
ESP Icon Remotes: Configure the system with separate buttons for lock and unlock or any way you choose!
ESP Ghost Switch: Hide your Valet override switch in plain sight, where no thief will ever find it!
ESP FlexChannel: An extra channel to configure any way you want. Lets  you remote control virtually any system in your vehicle.
ESP Remote Zone Out: Allows you to shunt any and all system sensors and triggers from your remote.

Did you Know?

*The Responder SST Microprocessor
  is over 4X faster than any other system!
*There is a dedicated analog-to-digital
  converter for Virtual Tach!
*The car’s voltage is sampled hundreds
  of times a second for Virtual Tach!
*There is no discernable difference
  between Virtual Tach and tach wires!
*Both the 1 way and 2 way Remotes
  can control 2 different vehicles!
*Viper Responder LE car alarm won the
  2008 CES Best of Innovations Award!
*Dr.Detail has been an Authorized Viper
  Alarm Dealer for more than 24 Years!

Please Call: 513-574-7879 Or Toll Free: 1-855-574-7879
E-Mail Us At: Dr.Detail   /  Or Ask A Question Here
Open Monday-Saturday 10:00 Am till 6:00 Pm EST

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