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Viper SmartStart GPS Series

Iphone / Blackberry / Droid / Windows
See the Viper SmartStart Demo Here
The Complete line of Viper Alarm Systems
Need Spare Remotes for your Viper System? Click Here


Remote Start

Security + Start



Viper VSM200 SmartStart System Installed

Viper VSM200 SmartStart
Cell Phone System Installed

Retails for: $299.95
Price $199.95* Info
Viper VSM250 GPS SmartStart System Installed

Viper VSM250 SmartStart
GPS / Cell System Installed

Retails for: $399.95
Price $299.95* Info
Viper VSS3000 SmartStart System Installed

Viper VSS3000 SmartStart
Cell Phone System Installed

Retails for: $399.95
Price $299.95* Info
Viper VSS5000 SmartStart System Installed

Viper VSS5000 SmartStart
Cell Phone System Installed

Retails for: $599.95
Price $499.95* Info
Viper VSM50BT SmartStart Bluetooth System Installed

Viper VSM50BT SmartStart
Bluetooth System Installed

Retails for: $179.95
Price $149.95* Info
Viper Factory Replacement Remotes, Cases and Batteries

Viper Factory Replacement
Remotes Cases & Batteries

Retails for: $14.95-$399.95
$9.95-$199.95 Info

Now you can remote start, lock and unlock your car just by pushing a button on your Smartphone; using the Viper SmartStart App from Directed, the leader in vehicle security and remote start. The simple graphical interface gives you control over the following features of your installed Viper remote starter or security system:

  • Lock / Arm
  • Unlock / Disarm
  • Remote Car Starter
  • Trunk Release
  • Auxiliary Channels
  • Remote Panic

You can also control multiple Vehicles – Great for Families! – and assign more than one user to control a vehicle. It's easy with SmartStart! But, this is only the beginning! Viper SmartStart is loaded with features including GPS tracking, roadside assistance, home control, parked car finder and More!

What's New in Viper SmartStart Software Version 3.1

New App Graphic Interface
Elegant user Interface highlights all of the new exclusive features in SmartStart.

User-selectable Custom Skins (Apple ITunes App Store Only)
Choose between a new Pink User Interface, or rock the old school Viper look.

Updated "More" Tab
Additional features and a new Design.

Updated Viper Motor Club
Automatically retrieves Subscriber Information.

Improved SmartPark Features
Improved Accuracy and Interactive map User Interface.

Updated Parking Meter
Updated Graphics and Simplicity.

Vehicle Location / Speed:
Press a button in the Viper SmartStart app and receive your vehicle's current location – plus it's speed if it's moving.

Social Media Check-In:
Tell your Facebook friends where you're parked with one touch check-in. Because your car needs friends, too!

Speed Alert:
With Speed Alert, request one-time notification when your vehicle exceeds your specified setting.

Lockdown Alert:

Secure your vehicle with a Lockdown Alert and receive notification if your vehicle leaves that spot.

Create a secure fence around your vehicle and be alerted when your vehicle leaves the area.

Restricts the speed alert and movement settings to one programmable time frame.

Add virtual zones at selected locations and be alerted if your vehicle enters them.

SmartStart GPS lets you locate and control your car from almost anywhere. Set your phone to alert you if your vehicle visits certain areas, find your car in a parking lot, or set a speed limit alert. We’ve added a host of great new features previously unavailable in any single app, such as vehicle locator, social check in, speed alert and lockdown alert. You can even receive a notification when your car leaves or enters a enters a designated zone.

Viper Motor Club:
Locked out? Dead battery? Need a tow? Viper SmartStart's got your back. Free 24/7/365 roadside assistance now comes with Viper SmartStart. Customers in a bind can access the Viper Motor Club with just the push of a button in the Viper SmartStart app. Viper Motor Club is included with all SmartStart Secure service plans. That's a $79/year value included at no additional
charge! Registration is simple - just enroll in the Viper Motor Club while purchasing a service plan.

SmartPark notes a vehicle's location every time you press the door lock button from the Car Control screen, or the Park My Car button from the SmartPark screen. To return to the stored
location, you simply press the Find My Car button from the SmartPark screen and retrieve the location, accessing any additional accompanying photo or note reminder that the you may have stored. SmartPark shows a map with directions back to the car's location. While returning to your car, make use of SmartPark's SnakeEyes feature - just hold up your phone and a virtual view of your car keeps you pointed in the right direction.

Parking Meter:
Too many parking tickets because you forgot to refill the parking meter? Need help remembering when it's time to put in more coins? Don't worry, the Viper SmartStart app will remember for you! Simply set the Parking Meter in the Viper SmartStart app when you fill the real life parking meter. The app will keep track of how much time you have remaining on your meter and will let you know when it's time to go refill. The Parking Meter feature will also show you a timestamp, and how long its been, since you last pressed the lock button in the app.

Home Control:
Home Control includes feature integration with the industry leading Alarm.com GSM-based
residential security platform – allowing users to quickly arm and disarm their Alarm.com-powered home security system right from the Viper SmartStart app on their Smartphone. Now securing and accessing your car and your home just got easier! A quick flip of the wrist toggles between the Car
and Home Control Screens in the Viper SmartStart app, giving you quick access to your most
important security controls in a single app. To enable Smartphone control of an Alarm.com-enabled home security system, please visit www.alarm.com to find an authorized dealer.

Custom Skins:
Now you can customize the look and feel of the Viper SmartStart app by applying one of the
custom skins available for download. Each skin costs only
$0.99 and can be downloaded right from the app. In addition to the default look, there are
currently two skins available for in-app purchase: The Pink Viper skin (all proceeds benefit
breast cancer research) The Old School skin mimics the look and feel of the classic Viper 2-way
Responder remote) New skins are in the works and will be added in the future.
-This feature is only available in the iphone version of the app Store.

* Service plan required.
* Certain functions not available on all systems. Professional installation required.
* IPod Touch / Iphone / Blackberry / Droid (not included).
*SmartStart GPS requires a GPS Secure service plan and the VSM250 SmartStart GPS Module.
*GPS Premium Secure service plans unlock SmartFence, HotSpot and Curfew features.
*All Secure service plans include Viper Motor Club roadside assistance Program.

SmartStart and SmartStart GPS Service Plan Pricing

Plan #

Plan Name

Plan Length

Up-Front Cost of Plan

  SSPLAN1   Secure Plan 1     1 Year  $69.49 - only $5.79 per Month!
  SSPLAN3   Secure Plan 3     3 Year  $139.99 - only $3.89 per Month!
  SSGPSP1   GPS Secure 1     1 Year  $99.99 - only $8.33 per Month!
  SSGPSP3   GPS Secure 3     3 Year  $199.99 - only $5.56 per Month!

SmartStart Works with the Following Viper Systems

Security Alarm

Remote Starter

Security/Remote Start

 Viper 1000
 Viper 1002
 Viper 3000
 Viper 3002
 Viper 3203
 Viper 3303
 Viper 3606
 Viper 3706
 Viper 3806
 Viper 5000
 Viper 5002
 Viper 4104
 Viper 4105
 Viper 4115
 Viper 4204
 Viper 4205
 Viper 4606
 Viper 4704
 Viper 4706
 Viper 4806
 Viper 5501
 Viper 5301
 Viper 5101
 Viper 5104
 Viper 5204
 Viper 5601
 Viper 5606
 Viper 5701
 Viper 5704
 Viper 5706
 Viper 5806
 Viper 5901
 Viper 5902
 Viper 5904
 Viper 5906
 Viper 7901

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