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MAIN : ALARM ACCESSORIES : XPRESSKIT : DB-ALL2 Databus Door Lock/Alarm and Transponder Interface

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Click Here for Larger Image

DB-ALL2 Databus Door Lock
Alarm Transponder Interface

Retails for $149.99

Special: $89.95


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Replacement Part Number: DB-ALL2

Product Details Stock #: DBALL2

Nexgen DB-ALL2 Door Lock/Alarm
and Transponder Interface

Product Description:

The DB-ALL2 is an all in one Dual Can door lock and override module that covers over 95% of cars on the road today. It will support legacy systems like VATS and PASSLOCK as well as support doorlocks and override on the most modern of cars like Toyota with pushstart ignition system and Chrysler with electronic ignition. The DB-ALL2 offers the most advanced hardware architecture in our industry and covers more cars than any of our competitors.
The module is a revolution in integration technology. It is a CAN high speed and J1850
module that also covers all single wire CAN vehicles. It is capable of stand alone remote
start on almost all Chryslers, includes a relay pack connector for application expansion
and can also be used as a range extender on GM OEM remote start systems. The new DB-ALL2 offers both high speed Can high and low and med speed Can high and low (Good for heated seats that reside on the 2nd Dual Can)

Bootloader Updates:
All new higher speed loader makes flashing
  faster and more reliable
*Database now supports unique module ID
  Updated bootloader supports;
*Error logging of D2D messages
*Issues with connections (Wrong data wires,
*Logs vehicle type and compares to VIN to
  ensure correct FW used
*Allows users to config D2D messages (turn
  each message ON/OFF as needed)
*Users can activate D2D and W2W controls
*All information updated to history database
  each time unit is connected to PC
*Tech support/warranty will be able to enter
  unit ID and see entire module history
  when troubleshooting (takes out guess work)
*Completely new LED diagnostic process
  provides complete user feedback of every
  successful or failed operation.

Find out if your Vehicle needs a
Transponder/Databus kit Here

 Hardware Included:
  Control Module
  Installation Guide Online
  Wiring Harness's
  4 Pin D2D harness

 Additional Parts and Accessories:
  CHTHD1 - Chrysler TIP T Harness
  CHTHD2 - Chrysler MUX T Harness
  THCHD3 - Chrysler PTS T Harness
  THFD1 - Ford Plug and Play T Harness
  THGM610 - GM6 and GM10 Harness
  THNISS3 - Nissan PTS T Harness
  TLTH1 - Toyota OBDII P/P T Harness
  TLTH2 - Toyota OBDII P/P T Harness
  XKLOADER 2 - Web Programmer
  XKLOADER 3 - Web Programmer

 Optional RF Loop Transponders:

 All New Platform With:
*ALL locking type connectors
.  Fully CAN compliant
 *ISO (J1 8s0/J1 979)
 *Compatible with Key-to-Go Systems
 *Compatible with RF loop Transponders
 *All new Bootloader2 -Bootloader3 Ready.

 Note: We will Flash any Xpresskit
 Transponder Free with Purchase Here

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